Many Missions, One Solution

Security Management

Dynamis’ Security Management Solutions provide a proven, scalable, and flexible platform designed to support the safety and security of your event. Powered by COBRA  technologies, our system is ready to use, web-based, and mobile-enabled, featuring multiple tools and applications to support all aspects of safety, security,  and emergency management.

Dynamis’ Security Management Solutions are designed to provide a robust foundation for nationally distributed systems while supporting customization for individual venues to meet their unique needs.

Our technologies and methodologies have been validated and employed by safety and security managers overseeing large event venues including World Youth Day / Pope’s visit to Copacabana Beach in 2013, the FIFA World Cup 2014, and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. COBRA was also used to manage federal safety and security operations for the 2016 Rock Werchter music festival in Belgium.

Our Venue Management Solutions include:

Common Operating Picture

  • Provide real time, collaborative mapping
  • Annotate maps with custom drawings and export to Google Earth
  • Display and track personnel, resources, staging areas and more
  • Integrate real-time CCTV, weather data and area Situation Reports
  • Communicate with personnel via SMS, email, phone call based alerts
  • Build dashboards at the venue, regional, or corporate level
  • Track Requests for outside assistance, vendor requests, security and safety incident management, and reporting

Venue Management by Zones

  • Divide your venue into manageable zones for instant status tracking and visualization on the map
  • Report and manage medical and security incidents per zone
  • Icons for medical and security incidents update automatically as incidents are resolved, providing a real time picture of the venue’s overall status
  • Provide visibility to external partners and resources if desired

Real Time Personnel Status and Location Tracking

  • Monitor Real Time location tracking of Management, Security Personnel, Medical Response Personnel, VIPs, Ushers, Vendors, and Volunteers
  • Proven for local venues and national venue networks
  • Provide mobile tools to receive alerts, upload pictures, security and medical incident reports, and access mobile Venue Command tools
  • Provide detailed records of deployment and utilization of personnel and resources

Incident Assessment and Reporting

  • Quickly capture the Who, What, When, Where, and How Much of incidents in real time
  • Geotag photos, videos, docs for display on map with mobile device
  • Simplify the submission of incident reports
  • Automate Federal, State, and Local reporting
  • Export to CSV files and Google Earth for rapid sharing
  • Display all incidents on a map
  • Print roll up reports with individual incident report sections

Reporting by Venue, Region, Nation, or Corporation-Wide

  • Run reports across all venue events at a venue level, regionally level, or corporate level
  • Access reports on
    • Number of incidents
    • Quantity and severity of Security Incidents
    • Quantity and severity of Medical Incidents
    • Alerts, Requests for Local Responders, Vendor Requests
    • Custom reports – you tell us!

Client Testimonial

"During world cup, all stadiums were monitored using COBRA software by the Army in ten cities and Navy in two cities. The flexibility of COBRA provided us the capacity to monitor our CBRN sensor networks and deployed response teams at local Command and Control centers as well as National C2 center in Brasília providing real time information about largest CBRN defense operation ever deployed by the Brazilian MoD."

(Colonel) Cel Paulo Malizia, Chefe da Divisão de Defesa QBN
Centro Tecnológico do Exército (CTEX)