Many Missions, One Solution

National Level Crisis Management System

Dynamis designs custom incident response and management systems consisting of the organizations, individuals, facilities, and equipment whose participation is required to ensure timely and appropriate responses to disruptions, emergencies, disasters, and catastrophes. This involves the full spectrum of activities from recognition of the incident or event to initial bystander interventions, access to the response system, activation and execution of appropriate plans and procedures, response operations, the transition from response to recovery operations, and adaptation to the new environment following the incident or event.

Dynamis’ custom systems utilize the COBRA set of scalable tools to build the responsive collaboration systems critical to providing a compressive and complete operating picture for facility managers, safety and security staff, and support staff during crisis situations. COBRA allows all actors to post and share information about an incident or event, the associated impacts to the facility, critical infrastructure, and the surrounding environment. This supports management, response, and recovery operations by capturing real-time information on the situation and facilitates seamless information sharing with the appropriate authorities on current activities and the anticipated actions needed to effectively manage the situation.

COBRA’s National Level Crisis Management System capabilities include:

  • Collaboration
  • Emergency Planning
  • Exercise Management
  • Data Management
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Digital Cartography
  • Sensor Integration

Client Testimonial

"During world cup, all stadiums were monitored using COBRA software by the Army in ten cities and Navy in two cities. The flexibility of COBRA provided us the capacity to monitor our CBRN sensor networks and deployed response teams at local Command and Control centers as well as National C2 center in Brasília providing real time information about largest CBRN defense operation ever deployed by the Brazilian MoD."

(Colonel) Cel Paulo Malizia, Chefe da Divisão de Defesa QBN , CEMAC CEO and ICMS project leader
Centro Tecnológico do Exército (CTEX)