Many Missions, One Solution

Receiving accurate and up to date images and information is critical to successful emergency management. Dynamis’ COBRA based emergency and incident management solutions utilize the latest in drone technology to enhance onsite incident planning, management and control. Dynamis’ custom tools guide a drone(s) over the incident area. Drones can continually sweep or hover over designated points allowing for unprecedented site mapping and imaging. Dynamis’ COBRA custom software tools embed drone imagery into COBRA’s GIS mapping feature, giving up to date, high quality images of the scene, assisting emergency managers and responders to better plan and distribute resources across the incident site. Drone images can also be used to create a full, 3D image modeling of an incident site. These enhanced image capabilities allow incident managers and responders to conduct full terrain analysis and planning, greatly enhancing site control and contingency planning.

Dynamis personnel are fully licensed part 107 FAA certified commercial drone operators and are ready to assist emergency management personnel and managers with the latest technology to save lives during a crisis.