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Damage Assessment Module

COBRA’s Damage Assessment Module (D.A.M.) is an online tool available for local emergency managers, state recovery directors, and FEMA recovery experts. D.A.M. helps local emergency managers and state recovery personnel quickly gather Preliminary Damage Assessments for faster submission and accuracy of disaster damages.

D.A.M. tracks and records post event data; including the number of sites and facilities affected, total property value loss, location of the damage, and allows for unlimited file uploads including pictures, video, and digital documents.


By using D.A.M., local emergency managers can:

  • Accurately justify their cost reimbursements
  • Help state recovery personnel speed up the Presidential Disaster Declaration for their state
  • Help Recovery experts gather more accurate information resulting in the community recovering and rebuilding faster

COBRA’s D.A.M. is hosted on Amazon AWS servers with a 99% up time guarantee. By accessing D.A.M. through a dedicated website your agency gets access to a robust damage assessment tracking program with ZERO server costs to your agency.